{half} Marathon Monday : Training Check In

The Celebration Run half marathon is less than a month away. Which means I’m more than half way through my training.

Oh boy. 

Let’s do a little check-in on how training is going so far:

Speed work: spin class > track workouts
I’m ok with this. One run of the week, the one I consider speed work, is listed as mileage or cross training in my plan. I knew I wouldn’t give up spin dates and with physical therapy it’s not worth risking an adrenal fatigue flare up. But I think the winter has excellent makings of finding my fast for spring.

Long Runs: les et faire
There’s a fine line between flexible and overly casual. This past Saturday was my first double digit run. It was also my first AM run as I’ve been pushing my long runs late into the afternoon previous weekends.

3 out of 3: 2 out of 3  but all.the.workouts
While I may not have hit all my runs, I haven’t been skipping out on the workouts. Since I’ve been filling up my calendar and am on a shorter training schedule, there simply isn’t time to play musical chairs with my runs.

Strength Training: Scheduled dates with physical therapy + back up options
For the first time, I can give this a solid check. PT is focusing on core & glute work, spin class have also been hitting that area, plus a few yoga & pilates classes mixed in and then there’s always TIU #CharityChallenge workouts if I find a gap.

Stretching & Rolling: Queing up the foam roller & needing to find my mat.
Again, PT dates are helping  – quite physically. I’m trying really really hard to be good about stretching post-runs. My left hip has some hot spots for the roller and my right hip is silly and requires lots of stretching. Lots of hip flexor stuff.

Injuries: This hips don’t lie.
I started off this training plan in PT with an injury. My right hip has some sort of impingement going on (not officially dx yet). Oddly enough I’m completely un-bothered by it when running. It’s more every day stuff….like putting on shoes or twisting in my seat. Weird random stuff. My left hip is more familiar running stuff but as long as I give it some love via stretching & rolling I’m not too concern. So despite the PT and sharp pain, I’d this is actually an injury free go around (knock on wood).

Fueling & Preparation: I’ve got this

Every runner needs to plan & fuel. I need to more than the average with the diabetes. I’ve been way too confident in this realm and have made some stupid decisions. Like yesterday’s 4 miler without a meter, fuel or money. Or the 5 miler where I actually went low with a mile to go and no fuel or money. Or not taking in to account timing of insulin or previous meal choices.

BloodsugarsWhat pattern?
Going into this my bloodsugars weren’t all that great. No patterns, hard to tell what to expect, yet no major swings from the runs giving me the confidence to leave the meter & fuel at home. It’s a little freeing to not be over-fueling. I’m hitting the tipping point where blood sugars are starting to drop which is a good thing but doesn’t require fistfuls of honey stingers.

Solo vs. Social: Me time
While I’ve been scheduling fitness dates, my runs have been pure solo time.

Routes: Wherever the window blows
By now gained some sense of direction around Boston. Some. Instead of mapping out routes and ID’ing potential fuel stations, I’ve just been able to head out. Some still exploratory routes and a lot of my standard routes. I’ll admit – not many hills included. Hey it’s suppose to be a flat course.

Listening: I’ve been mixing it up with podcasts on my long runs, mostly No Meat Athlete, and pulling up Spotify playlists from either Handle Bar and B/Spoke.

Are you training for anything? Recently run a race? 


Bookmarked: Upcoming Boston Fitness Events {10/12/15-11/7/15}

There’ are a lot of great events coming up over the next month, many for a great cause. Check them out below and see which ones I’m planning to attend… 

Embedded image permalink

What: New Balance Girl’s Night Out: Knock out Cancer 
more details and why over at Fun Fit Flavor 
WhenThurs 10/15 6pm
Where:New Balance, Boylston
Cost: Free
Sign up: #NBGNO website
Bring/Wear: As always with NBGNO events, you may find yourself in the run group vs. the group class. So I’d recommend layers and sneaks that work for either. Pulling out the pink gear also seems appropriate here.
Teacher/Host: Emceed by @funfitflavor; taught by @special feature by Dr. Priscilla Brastianos from MGH
Thirst Juice Co.  Essentia Water   
See you there: Yes! One of my favorite fitness events for an important cause? You bet. As P & I quickly exchanged texts “sign up first, figured it out second”.

What: 3 Part Self-Defense Series 
More info via BostonMagazine.com
When: Sat 10/17, 10/24, 10/31 
Where: The Club by George Foreman
Cost: Free – open to Southie, Seaport & Fort Point residences only
Sign up: EBF website
Bring/Wear: “Fighters Wear Black” 
Teacher/Host: Gershon Ben Keren
Sponsor/Partners: None
See you there: TBD. I think it’s awesome that the EBF team is offering this and think it’s important (both my parents are black belts but I unfortunately those skills didn’t carry over genetically) but tough timing with half training.

What: Yoga & Brunch : Power Yoga Class hosted by Healthworks Chestnut Hill + brunch special at The Cottage
When: Sundays at 9am 10/4 – 10/18
Where: Healthworks Chestnut Hill + The Cottage
Cost: varies based on what you get for brunch
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring/Wear: All those “10 looks to wear from yoga to brunch” – now would be a good time to pull up that bookmark. No word on mats, given it’s a gym I’d think they have some but you can never fail with BYOM(at)
Teacher/Host: Healthworks Chestnut Hill
Sponsor/Partners: None
See you there: Yes! CC and I made a #fitdate for next Sunday.


What: Piloxing: The Fusion of Cardio, Boxing, & Pilates with Ali Baldassare
In this 75 minute workshop, Ali will explain what the Piloxing program is, the various benefits of the workout and then you will experience a class for yourself!
When: Sun 10/18 12:15p-1:30p
Where: North End Yoga
Cost: $25
Sign up: North End Yoga website
Bring/Wear: what does one wear to piloxing? Is there a look? Definitely can’t pull off Ali’s look above but I’d imagine anything you can sweat and move in.
Teacher/Host: Ali Baldassare
Sponsor/Partners: None
See you there: No. So many events, so little time. I’ll be yoga & bunching but love Ali’s classes and would love to try out piloxing.

Shop for a Cause with Athleta and LOLA to Benefit Healt...

What:Shop for a Cause with Athleta & LOLA to Benefit Healthworks Community Fitness
WhenThurs 10/22 5-8pm
Where: Athleta, Newbury St
Cost: Depends on what you purchase
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring/Wear: Bring your wallet and get ready to shop
Teacher/Host: none
Sponsor/Partners Charity:  

See you there: TBD. I recently learned about this non-profit and want to check it out more. In the mean time I encourage those that can to go support – maybe while rewarding yourself with some new gear to wear to one of the events below?

PUBLIC BODY: Free Workout for Boston Children's...

What: Free unspecified workout with Public Body (I’m imagining bootcamp style)
When: Sun 10/25 10:30am (check in at 10:15am)
Where: meeting spot is South End Athletic Company but it mentions “from there we’ll head to the parks, complete the workout and do a little good for the community! “
Cost: donation of small toy “as prizes for kids who must complete an MRI in order to determine their path for treatment”
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring/Wear: Maybe. Bring a toy. Wear …uh….workout clothes? I’d go for layers since the word outside is mentioned.
Teacher/Host: Join the PUBLIC BODY team, SEACs Dan Fitzgerald and a guest team of some of Boston’s hottest trainers…”
Sponsor/Partners Charity:
Boston Children's
See you there: Still in pencil on the calendar but am trying to make this one work. Another great cause, a new workout / fitness instructor and pushing myself out of my comfort zone? Hard to pass.

Halloween Glow Yoga

WhatHalloween Glow Yoga
Get your yogi costumes ready! Acorn Yoga is hosting their signature Glow Yoga class with a spooky spin. Expect all your favorite Glow Yoga goodies (black lights, glow sticks, glow paint), combined with a vinyasa flow, some cardio dance, and Halloween tunes to match!
WhenFriday 10/30 7-8pm (doors open at 6:30p)
Where:Acorn Yoga, Brighton
Cost: $20
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring/Wear: No word on mats but they’ll have plenty of glow. Wear: best downward dog-ing costume you’ve got.
See you there: No. Now that’s my kind of Halloween (that or watching Hocus Pocus). But I’ll be on a flight to San Diego for my half!

Embedded image permalink

What: The W.E.L.L. Summit
a celebration of living well, making empowered consumer decisions, learning from top professionals—and of course, the luxury of health.
When: Sat 11/6 & Sun 11/7 (schedule)
Where: Wyndham Hotel
Cost: $275 – $449
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring/Wear:Bring a notebook – there’s sure to be lots of good tips & information
Teacher/Host: list of speakers ambassadors
Sponsor/Partners: see list here 
See you there: No.  Will you buy my ticket? Looks like a great event but most definitely not in this girl’s fitness budget.

Well+Good's Boston Fitness Biathlon 2015

What: Well + Good 3rd Annual Fitness Biathlon
This unique fitness mashup combines two back-to-back boutique classes at hot studios. After the workouts, everyone heads to the healthy after-party for much-deserved rejuvenation and celebration.
When: Sun 11/7 12p-5:30p
Cost: $40 {proceeds goes to Girls on the Run}
Sign up: Eventbrite
Teacher/Host: Boston’s Biathlon is hosted by Recycle Studio and Exhale Back Bay
Sponsor/Partners Charity:
Girls on the Run®
See you there: No. Classes already sold out but there after party is still open.

What have you added to your calendar? 

My favorite yoga poses for runners: hips

 Like many runners and/or desk dwellers, my hip flexors  are tiiiiight. Currently there’s something pinch-y going on with my right hip flexor / adductor that has me working with a physical therapist (if you need one in Boston I can recommend!).

Also like many runners, I’m not the best at stretching and could always use more yoga in my life. I’m definitely someone who needs to stretch. They say you carry stress in your hips right?

Here are a few of my current go-to poses for stretching my hips – ones that allow me to ease into it through my injury and put the least amount of stress on my knees.

 Yoga for Hips _ Collage_aofw
Instantly Open Tight Hips With These 8 Stretches (POPSUGAR image 1,2)
3 Easy Stretches For Tight Hips (POPSUGAR image 4)  
The Only Yoga Sequence Runners Need to Do (POPSUGAR image 3)
The Best Yoga Hip Openers  (SELF image 5)
Make Hips Happy With Yoga (POPSUGAR image 6,7,8)

Yoga Poses for Healthy Hips


What’s your favorite hip flexor stretch? 

Yoga Month: Upcoming Yoga Events in Boston (9/21-10/4)

   September is National Yoga Month. Today is my dad’s birthday.
Given he was my first yoga instructor, I feel like it’s only fitting to make this yoga week.
And there’s tons of upcoming yoga events around Boston to celebrate….


Yoga at M Street Park on 9/21

 What:Yoga at M Street Park
When: Monday 9/21 at 6:15pm  (last class of the series)
Where: M Street Park, South Boston
Cost: $5
Sign up: Eventbrite
Class taught by: Jenna + Kristin of @PopUpAsana
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Sponsors/Partners: none


Fueled by lululemon: Complimentary Vinyasa Yoga with...

What: Fueled by Lululemon: Complimentary Vinyasa Yoga with Kim Rajotte
When: Tuesday 9/22  6:15p-7p
Where: WeWork South Station,
Cost: Free
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)  – this be a good time to pull out your Lululemon …. or your standard yoga year
Class taught by: Kim Rajotte

lululemon athletica Jubali's logo


What: Brand Ambassador Yoga with Sara Divello 
When: Tuesday 9/22  8-9pm
Where: Athleta, Newbury St
Cost: Free
Sign up: none
Class taught by: Sara Divello
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)

Athleta Newbury St.

Wednesday: ,

Yoga Wednesdays on City Hall Plaza

What: Yoga Wednesdays on City Hall Plaza
When: Wednesday 9/23 5:45p-6:45p (weekly series through September, class style varies)
Where: City Hall Plaza
Cost: Free but $5 suggested donation to Whole Kids Foundation
Sign up: Eventbite
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Class taught by: Core Fusion Yoga – Relax by Chrissy Snyder (varies per week)

Whole Foods CRP City of Boston   Exhale Fitness Classes & Spa Therapies



What: NamasDay at Exhale (national event)
A free yoga class ; trunk shows ; special offers ; lit bites & sips
When: Thursday 9/24 (see times below)
Where: Back Bay or Battery Wharf
Cost: Free
Sign up: Exhale Website
Bring / Wear:
Class taught by:
5p-6p : Core Fusion Yoga with Denise Griffin Crowe | Back Bay
6:10p – 7:10p: Core Fusion Yoga with Chrissy Snyder | Battery Wharf
6:15p – 7:45p: Exhale Flow Open with Michael Alba | Back Bay
7:20p – 8:20p: Exhale Flow Open with Bre Nourse | Battery Wharf



What: Happy Hour Yoga
When: Friday 9/25 6:15p-7:15p (last one of the series)
Where: A Street Park, South Boston (in studio if rain)
Cost: $16 (standard drop in price) class passes valid
Sign up: Radiant Yoga website
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Class taught by: Sarah Goddard from Radiant Yoga

Radiant Yoga Boston  Nourish Your Soul Logo


More to Love Yoga 9/25

What: More to Love Yoga
When: Friday 9/25 6pm-7pm (weekly series throughout October)
Where: Harvard Ed Portal, Allston
Cost: Free
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring / Wear:
Class taught by:


Assembly Row Summer Solstice Yoga- Cancelled

What: Assembly Row Riverfront Yoga
When: Saturday 9/29 9am-10am
Where: Baxter Riverfront Park, along the Mystic River
Cost: Free
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Class taught by: Lisa Natale from some.yoga.studio

Some.Yoga.Studio Assembly Row at Assembly Square


What: Yoga  for Runners Community Class
Vinyasa class specifc for runners

Areas worked will include, lengthening the quads, hamstrings and calves, opening the chest and hips and also strengthening the core, hips, glutes and quads. All levels of yoga experience are welcome!

When: Sunday 9/27 6:30p-7:30p
Where: Boston Marathon® adidas RUNBASE, Back Bay
Cost: Free
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Class taught by: Sarah Hill
Sponsors/Partners: none

Events for the next two weeks: 

What: Yoga  for Bikers 
When: Tuesday 9/29 7:30p-8:30p (weekly series through October)
Where: Hub Bicycle Company, Cambridge
Cost: $5-10 donation suggested, portion of proceeds goes to Boston Cyclist Union
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Class taught by: Allie Platt 

Miss Fete

Yoga on the Lawn on D - Saturday Morning Vinyasa
What: Yoga on the Lawn on D 
Alternative Asana | All Levels
Open to all levels with an open mind. Breathe, sweat, glisten. Serotonin is complimentary.
Hands on assists will be provided.
When: Thursday 10/1 5:30p – 6:30p
Where: Lawn on D
Cost: Free
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Class taught by: Jennifer Howell from SUTRA Studio (in Lowell, MA)

logo The Lawn on D


What: Pink Yoga Event at Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill
“kick-off our Pink Campaign with a pre-store opening Yoga class at Bloomingdale’s locations nationwide”
When: Saturday, 10/3 9am (doors open at 8:30a)
Where: Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill
Cost: $10 donation
Sign Up: Eventbrite (space is limited)
Bring/Wear: a branded yoga mat & Pink gift bag will be handed out. I would imagine pink apparel is welcomed/appropriate.
Class taught by:

Bloomingdale's logo

Yoga on the Lawn on D - Saturday Morning Vinyasa

What: Yoga on the Lawn on D 
Vinyasa Flow | All Levels
Open to all levels with an open mind. Breathe, sweat, glisten. Serotonin is complimentary.
Hands on assists will be provided.
When: Saturday 10/3 10:30am – 12pm (there’s a family class 9a -10a for ages 5-12)
Where: Lawn on D
Cost: Free
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Class taught by: Jennifer Howell from SUTRA Studio (in Lowell, MA)

logo The Lawn on D

What: Emerald Necklace YogaFest
Emerald Necklace YogaFest is a daylong Yoga fundraising event featuring Yoga and AcroYoga classes with top-notch instructors, music, demonstrations, food trucks, pop-up shops and more. YogaFest brings together yoga and park enthusiasts for a day of fun and fitness in support of free programming in the Emerald Necklace park
When: Sunday 10/4 9am-3pm
Where: Clemente Field, Back Bay Fens
Cost: $50 for general admission
Sign up: website 
Bring / Wear: BYOM(at)
Class taught by: Cara Gilman | Dan Steele | Izzy VanHall 
Sponsors/Partners: unknown. you?

My Charity Selects for TIU Fit for Fall #CharityChallenge

I mentioned the TIU #FitforFall #CharityChallenge on Tuesday which officially starts next Monday, 9/21.

What I think is pretty cool, is that there’s TWO chances to have an impact on a charity/charities.

  1. Through the Charity Miles app – which offers over 25 different global charities. Global hunger, fighting cancer, wildlife, wounded warrior, girl up, crohn’s & colitis  – there’s a wide range to find what speaks to you. This is the app that  you fire up each run / ride for #CharityChallenge where $0.25 is donated for each mile ran / $0.10 for each mile biked.
  2. While I think Charity Miles has a great selection and it includes some personal selects, I think it’s awesome that Karena & Katrina opened this up for participants to select their own charities. All you have to do is list the charity of choice in your social media profiles during the challenge – it probably wouldn’t hurt to tag them as well.

Here are some of my top contenders :

Beyond Type 1  I discover Beyond Type 1 not too long ago as it’s a fairly new organization started by chef Sam Talbot. This is the first advocacy group for Type 1 diabetes that I connect with. First, it’s Type 1 specific and while not to take away from other diabetic diagnoses, this means something to me. Second, it’s about living a life beyond Type 1 diabetes. It’s about empowerment and strength. #DisruptLikeABadass. Plus it often features some pretty cute kids…and no I’m not talking about Nick Jonas. Check out their  Instagram feed to see all the ways T1s are living beyond.

Team For Kids I joined TFK for the 2012 NYC Marathon – the one that wasn’t. I wanted a charity that promoted health and activity for children. Little did I know how much I would gain from the “class of ’12” throughout those 20+ weeks of training. While I didn’t get to run a marathon with that group, I carry the advice and encouragement from them each time I train. They’re making a positive impact on many adults as well as the thousands of children. 

Girls on the Run® I first learned about Girls on the Run from Caitlin/HealthyTippingPoint and connected with the NYC chapter to be a run buddy. Currently I sit on the committee for the Boston’s chapter’s inaugural gala this upcoming fall.

If you’d like to make a donation, buy a ticket to the event or donate something for the auction please let me know!! 

GoFundMe   One of my co-workers currently has a GoFundMe campaign for her son who was critically injured in an auto accident this past spring and is still fighting his way through recovery.

CT Challenge  My friend Rachel is running the NYC Marathon on behalf of CT Challenge which focuses on empowering Cancer Survivors. Not only do I want to help support Rachel (she did a great event at B/Spoke) but the cause got a little more real for me and loved ones recently.

Would you select any of the above? Which charities do you support? 

Upcoming Fitness Events in Boston

Lots of special fitness events going on in the upcoming weeks! Below are just a few on my radar, ones I plan to go to, ones I’m bummed to miss and ones I’ve been to before. Some free. Some not. Some donation based for a good cause (perfect for #CharityChallenge!)

 Ride & Bye with Allie Wears

What: Ride & Bye with Allie Wears
When: tomorrow, Thursday 9/17 7-8p
Where: The Handle Bar – Fenway location
Cost: Free
Sign up: Eventbrite
Bring/Wear: She’s a fashion blogger so you may way to wear your fashionable fit wear …. or your regular spin gear. The Handle Bar has shoes

My first class at The Handle Bar was through an Allie Wears event – and I’ve yet to check out the Fenway location. So while I’d love to go, I’ll be over at GA for this panel/networking event instead.

Class FitSugar Presented by Target

What: A workout with Adam Rosante with FITSUGAR
When: Saturday 9/19 11am-1pm
Where: 9ofs, 1 Federal St. Boston
Cost: Free
Sign up: POPSUGAR 
Bring/Wear: Not much is detailed prior to RSVP’ing – I would assume it’s a bootcamp style workout?

A long time POPSUGAR fan, I was excited when I saw they were putting on an event here in Boston…until I saw the date and realized I will be off doing fun suburbian things and catching up with a friend.


What: Cyc’d for a new Junior League Boston Year – charity spin class
When: Wednesday 9/23 7:30p-8:15p
Where: Cyc Fitness – inside David Barton Gym
Cost: $10 (free to JL members) 
Sign up: Junior League of Boston page / reference BostonGoodLife (594256)
Bring/Wear: water. the usual spin look.
Sponsor/Partners Supports:

Junior League Boston

I recently went to a Cyc event (review to come!) which I also found out about from BostonGoodLIfe. I’m planning to attend another GA event that evening (#girlbosstraining) – its a popular event night!

What: Cardio Dance Fusion in Faneuil Hall Part II
When: Wednesday 9/23 6:15p – 7p
Where: Faneuil Hall – yep that’s right,
Cost: Free
Sign Up: Just show up
Bring/Wear: Sneakers …and anything you’re comfortable being captured in some Tourists photographs…

I went to Part I last month  – if you can’t shake it in the  middle of Fanueil Hall, where can you?

What: Pilates Bootcamp with Ali from Move SWEAT Love  #MSLBootcamp2015
When: Monday 9/28 6:30p-7:15p (last one of the season)
Where: Rose Kennedy Greenway
Cost: Free
Sign Up: Just show up
Bring/Wear: Neon! Word has it, with the sun ditching out early, we’ll be bringing a little glow to the Greenway. For gear, bring a mat, though I’ve done it without.

Hmmm which neon top is the most neoniest? Not a word? Whatever. See you there!

Embedded image permalink

What: EverybodyFights Against Cancer – BoxFIIT Marathon
(3) 45min classes back to back : BOXFIIT 360, Roadwork (Run, or Cycling) & Bags & Body
When: Saturday 9/26 2pm-5pm
Where: The Club by George Foreman III
Cost: $25 donation  – of course additional donations are welcome
Sign up: The Club’s class schedule  h/t @emireerose
Bring/Wear: It’s 3 hours, I would say a back up shirt for when that first one gets drenched and you want to go get post-workout smoothies at Nourish 

Oh boy, a bit intimidated by this one and still figuring out my plans for that weekend but looks to be a good time & good cause. Plotting who I can bring with me….And check out the #fightitforward campaign from @everybodyfights – pretty cool.

PINK YOGA EVENT AT BLOOMINGDALE'S CHESTNUT HILLWhat: Pink Yoga Event at Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill
“kick-off our Pink Campaign with a pre-store opening Yoga class at Bloomingdale’s locations nationwide”
When: Saturday, 10/3 9am (doors open at 8:30a)
Where: Bloomingdale’s Chestnut Hill
Cost: $10 donation
Sign UpEventbrite (space is limited)
Bring/Wear: a branded yoga mat & Pink gift bag will be handed out. I would imagine pink apparel is welcomed/appropriate.

Bloomingdale's logo

I have yet to make it over to Chestnut Hill and this seems like a could reason cause. C – how about it?

What: Barry’s Bootcamp
When: Saturday Sunday 10/4 10:30a-11:30a (registration opens at 10a)
Where: Lawn on D  (they note that it’s rain or shine)
Cost: $15
Sign up:  Eventbrite
Bring/Wear: a towel and/or yoga mat


Oh bootcamps. Not my favorite. But a fun way to try out Barry’s so maybe? J – think we can talk ourselves into a bootcamp?

Correction: 10/4 is a Sunday, not a Saturday as originally listed

Are you going to adventure to any of these events? Have another one on your radar? 

Goldilocks of Training Plans

So while I thought & talked about my upcoming half marathon, I also went back & forth on training plans.

Originally, I wanted to use the Nike plan since I use the app and I wanted to do a comparison to my last race. But when it had me scheduled to do an 8 mile run within the first week or two, I knew it was too aggressive for where I currently am (not) in running.


Then 12 week plans were out the window and I was bypassing 10 weeks. I was 9 weeks out and began searching for an 8 week plan that wasn’t for advanced runners.. I was having some Goldilocks moments in picking one, after going through a few trainings, I’m learning what works and doesn’t work for me.

While simultaneously searching Pinterest, I also decided to check out POPSUGAR, one of my original fitness resources.

And I stumbled across something just right….

{Beginner Half Marathon Training Plan by POPSUGAR}

Okay so it’s a 16 week plan BUT I felt comfortable jumping in to week 8 or 9 for a 5/6 mile long run (spoiler: I have yet to hit either of those miles…)

  • It’s only 3 days of running per week
  • has stretching/strengthening built in, which is something I always struggle to dedicate enough time to
  • has flexibility for that mid-run to be cross training (which would most likely be spin)
  • has an 11m & 12m run on the schedule  – while not necessary for a half, something I was looking forward to in the Nike plan. 

I know for me, in training I need: 1) a steady run 2) a speed workout  3) a long run

Usually it’s my speed-workouts that get dropped, given I’m not worrying about a goal time, I’m ok if it doesn’t have a hill workout or fartleks built in this go around. Or if I swap it out for Spin or an added strength training.

For me, this loose layout seems to be the Golidlocks plan for where I’m at right now in health and fitness and what I’m looking to get out of the race (fun!).